From a constant worry to a success story: mobile asset management for the building industry

Machines, equipment and tools are the most important cost and productivity factors in the building industry. Due to the traditionally very lean administrative structures it is a real challenge to keep complete control over these assets, to protect them from loss and to maintain their value. But this task is a major criterion of success - small and medium businesses, in particular, cannot afford downtime in view of the fierce competition.

Based on RFID inventory management, syspro solutions ensure an easy and efficient management of machines, equipment and tools: Each asset identifies itself via a particularly robust RFID transponder which is fit for use on construction sites and which is permanently covered on the respective site of use. The underlying management software not only ensures a permanent real-time overview of the current location, but can additionally be linked with an intelligent life-cycle management system. This solution can be implemented both within the company premises and also mobile via UMTS MDC handhelds providing inventory protection across locations with tangible cost savings.