Quality, safety and efficiency as a recipe for success

Food is a matter of trust: Only few industries are subject to such strict public scrutiny as the food industry. The consumers’ demands are increasing, the business is turning faster and faster, the interconnection in production, delivery and trade chains has reached a new level.

Small and medium-sized enterprises feel under a particular pressure: Larger competitors come closer, internationality is growing, innovative and marketable products are in demand. Many of our customers withstand this pressure very well - their recipe for success is the intelligent re-structuring of the whole production and delivery chains. It is just here that our solutions come into play.

Solutions made by syspro improve product quality, enable recipe adjustments to be made in real time, ensure the traceability of products and control the quality of the suppliers. Intelligent equipment responds autonomously to malfunctions or quality fluctuations. Fast and well structured warehouse procedures streamline the management of the inventory and enable the delivery processes to meet the demands of omni-channel sales models. Risks are lowered, the confidence of partners and buyers enhanced, while at the same time the costs are reduced.

Our consultants and developers know the industry well and have implemented a number of solutions already, including for bakery products, confectionary, convenience products, fish processing and for meat and sausage production, slaughter and cutting.

Many applications from the proSystem family are available in specific versions for the food industry - proSystem MES Food, proSystem ERP Food, proSystem PIE and proSystem MM have been tried and tested under real-world conditions and overcome the industry’s classical challenges:

  • Mapping of process chains in one-man businesses, complex group structures and inter-company networks.
  • Efficient and secure planning, control and optimisation of production also across several production sites.
  • Versatile interfaces to third-party systems and equipment.
  • Complete capture, transmission and exploitation of data in the production process, including laboratory involvement, by effective quality assurance and intelligent quality management.
  • Automatic batch and serial number generation, implementation of end-to-end tracking and tracing across the whole product path.
  • Integration of process data capture, for instance via PDC terminals, RFID systems, I points, scales, MDC, PDA, price labellers, printers, etc.
  • Integration of inventory management for different storage types with presentation of batch stocks and best before dates by storage type (cool, deep-freeze storage) as well as management of parallel quantity units.
  • Optimised picking and flexible control of the flow of materials between warehouse, production and shipping.