Omni-channel solutions: success online and on the sales floor

Trade thrives on diversity. Competition, however, seems to take a different course. No matter whether online or on the sales floor: Small dealers, just as medium-sized trade companies, find it difficult to survive against international monopolies, and simultaneously are in fierce competition with one another.

In particular store-oriented (offline) business models have to be able to demonstrate their inherent competitive advantages, such as quality of advice, “take-home” purchase, emotional shopping experience, under all conditions. At the same time they have to turn their brick-and-mortar core business into a springboard for setting up online channels. Both concepts will succeed, if the complex goods processes in the background are perfectly controlled and flexibly managed. It is just here that our solutions come into play.

Our solutions for the trade industry focus on restructuring good logistics both in the complex procurement and distribution networks and in the store itself. AutoID solutions such as RFID Sprinter ensure an optimised inventory management in central distribution, in the shop’s storage room and on the sales floor. The result: The storage resources are fully exploited, the inventories accurately managed, out-of-stock situations minimised and critical products reliably made available. The side-effect: An extensive automation of goods movements creates leeway for the staff’s most important task - advising the customer. In this process, too, RFID and NFC applications support the sales assistants and eventually accelerate the checkout process. In addition they facilitate the implementation of automatic interaction systems for customer dialogue, efficient cross-selling and intelligent customer loyalty measures.

New omni-channel concepts offer a particular potential: They link the brick-and-mortar store with the related online shops, close all remaining availability gaps and result in an up-to-date shopping experience.