Field-proven products: for faster solutions

Is it possible to standardise individuality? Yes, it is - up to a certain degree. On the one hand, IT solutions are profitable for our customers, because they exactly match their individual business processes. On the other hand, our solutions will improve (and ultimately become more cost-efficient), if the products employed already leverage a great deal of field expertise and intelligence.

Solutions made by syspro provide one great advantage: They use our own, proprietary proSystem platform and thus profit from a variety of applications and functional modules. The effect: Each individual solution is based on highly standardised and consistently future-oriented products which are firmly established on the market. The side-effect: In addition to multi-functional application modules we produce ready-to-go solutions, such as proSystem Store, the new RFID Tunnel and proSystem PIE as well as complete industry-specific solutions such as proSystem MES Food - products solving customer issues without major project expense.

Our product philosophy puts it in a nutshell: Individuality with a system advantage.


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