The platform makes the difference

The proSystem software platform is a proprietary development made by syspro which leverages all our experience in production, logistics and sales processes. Our SME customers have closely accompanied proSystem, which is a reason for the platform’s consistent real-world focus. However, the decisive system benefit is its interior architecture: proSystem has been implemented in component-based software design. Thus each solution module is provided with full platform intelligence and can operate both autonomously and in connection with other peer modules.

In SME business processes proSystem shows the full strength of its component design. A standalone price labelling system has the same system intelligence controlling a weighing facility at another location. If, at a later stage, an RFID tunnel for logistics is added, the network will simply be expanded without any system inconsistencies. Using an MES application the free network will grow to become a complete production management system. And with the integration of inventory management modules the leap to a complex ERP system will become possible.

The proSystem concept was created as early as in 2001, but the technologies have made several evolution steps since. Today the platform supports Linux and Windows and process modules are increasingly implemented as framework applications. Interfaces to SAP and other systems are kept up-to-date and new industrial devices are quickly connected. For several years already proSystem can be used as a Software as a Service (SaaS), based on cloud technologies.

However, the key recipe for its success with our customers is the modular structure of proSystem: It allows us to create fully customised solutions and enables syspro to serve typical customer processes as an out-of-the-box solution currently using eight combined applications.