More efficiency and security in production management

Anyone who wants to produce profitably has to efficiently organise and keep the sensitive interaction of production process, product quality, price strategy and profit margin under permanent control. The contribution expected from production management is obvious: Transparent processes, meaningful real-time data and profound control options for all production components are needed. Intervention in the production process should be easy, have an immediate effect, and be made with the least possible waste and excess. If this goal is achieved, production quality can be markedly increased and the solution will contribute tangibly and promptly to economic success.

It is foreseeable that these challenges will result in the enforcement of Production 4.0 standards in the medium and long term. In these scenarios the autonomy and responsiveness of the production processes will be significantly increased by a decentralisation of business intelligence. Using RFID tags, work parts and goods will become independent carriers of processing information. Based on these data, smart equipment will make the right decisions independent of central systems. The variability and customisability of workflows will increase and also the error rate will be clearly reduced by autonomous error routines. In turn, the central planning levels will be relieved from a number of practical control tasks.

On principal, syspro production solutions are based on decentralisable process intelligence - and on the versatile applications of the proSystem family. This allows our customers to profit from solution modules which already have proven to work in practice, can be flexibly combined to form customised solutions and be seamlessly integrated in superordinate systems.