More intelligence in B2B product sales and at the POS

Production and goods logistics solutions alone do not make a company successful. Only its deep and intelligent integration in the sales process completes the Production > Distribution > Sale process chain and turn the efficiency gains into tangible profitability. This applies to sales processes between companies just as to POS optimisation.

Within the framework of company-wide process chains our IT solutions control applications for order processing, automatic delivery note processing, invoicing, shipping and transport. The field of integration can be extended to include the ordering and delivery systems for chain stores and involve all related POS systems.

At the POS the solutions made by syspro do not only handle all the integration work but also implement an effective “more-time programme” for the store staff. Here our RFID-based applications play a particularly important role: They ensure that the taking of inventories, the search for products and order management proceed with the least possible amount of resources required and with completely new comfort. The time and concentration gained is immediately available for the most important strategic success factor in retail tradethe personal interaction with the customer.

Our solutions for selling are based on the proSystem product family’s applications and functional modules. Our teams consisting of consultants, developers and system specialists provide the expertise required and ensure the practical integration.