Logic from the depths - controlling marketing campaigns and optimizing the sales floor: Digital analysis helps.

You want to identify and use success drivers in your store? Are you interested in how marketing campaigns really affect visitor behaviour and sales? Do you find the processes in your store too opaque overall? In order to know how your POS works in detail, the conventional mixture of results analysis, everyday observation and gut feeling is no longer sufficient. First of all, it is often nuances that make up (or prevent) a competitive advantage, and secondly, really profound insights can only be gained from a much broader data basis. With Retail Analytics you create exactly this basis.
The results are concrete optimisation possibilities: Which products have an effect as magnets and stimulators - regardless of sales? Under what circumstances do purchases remain unfinished despite interest? Which room zones work and how much space do your success drivers need or deserve? How, where and when would your staff have to be deployed to increase the conversion rate? Have you selected the right heroes for the current campaign and are they proving themselves in physical contact? And which inputs achieve a satisfactory capture rate?
The core of our retail analytics solutions is the collection of a comprehensive and in-depth data pool and its evaluation with modern analytical tools and methods. It starts with measurements at the POS such as people counts or heat maps for customer movements. In the analysis, these results are compared, for example, with information from the POS systems and external data (e.g. the weather). In the analysis of this pool, patterns are recognized and resilient correlations are established.
Retail analytics solutions are easily integrated into your store infrastructure. The precondition is that consistent tagging enables the complete identification of all goods and objects involved in the store and that the POS systems can be integrated in real time. Retail analytics solutions are part of our Smart Fitting Suites.