Safety with efficiency and potential

The classic systems for electronic article surveillance can be a real challenge. For your store, because they block employees with manual procedures and unnecessarily lengthen checkout queues. And for your customers, because they disturb the fitting process and deface or damage products.
RFID systems are the better choice in several aspects. For example, the labels with the transponder can even be used undercover and can store other product information parallel to the safety data. This means that one and the same label can support all digital identification processes in the store.
But in addition to the core task of article surveillance, RFID systems also have a decisive additional advantage: They are the link to other store solutions such as endless aisle, electronic shelf labels or self-checkout.
They ensure consistent identification of goods throughout the entire process chain from the manufacturer to distribution and the point of sale. RFID goods solutions are part of our Smart Fitting Suites.