Transparent, safe, economical: the intelligent warehouse

The professional handling of resources and values within the company is one of the most important success factors. At the same time, the ability to map core processes in real time and largely automated is becoming increasingly important - also in inventory management.

Our proSystem solution modules for warehouse management and inventory control display your individual warehouse structure based on typical standard processes. Sources of errors are minimized, delivery and ordering systems are integrated semi or fully automatically and, if required, the digital process chains of suppliers and customers are connected.

Stock accuracy is decisive for the reliability of your warehouse management. That is why your employees are supported by RFID systems in all incoming and outgoing processes as well as in inventory. The application spectrum ranges from cyclical inventory via handheld to permanent real-time inventory via RFID antenna areas. The complete data depth of a product identification is processed: from the serial number to the batch, from the BBD to several parallel units of measure. The allocation to containers is also possible without detours.

In combination with other systems, our warehouse management system offers further advantages. For example, it is possible to link the warehouse stock to sales and purchasing functions with semi-automatic and fully automatic order point control - zero stock levels are prevented, storage space is optimally used, sales are perfectly supported.