Bulk processing: the end of the sampling inspection

Particularly in processes in which customer-specific shipping containers are assembled, you are faced with a real challenge in outgoing inspection. How sure are you that your pickers have placed the actually ordered products in exactly the right quantity in the collective carton? And if not: are you content with random samples and risk complaints, returns and subsequent deliveries at your expense? Or do you rely on a seamless, incorruptible system that "shines through" every shipping unit down to article level before it is released for delivery?

The secure detection of each individual product in a closed container is a technical challenge for which we have developed the right answer with the RFID tunnel. With the unique identification of all objects in closed shipping units, all placement errors are detected and escalated in time. The affected unit is sorted out and repacked, for all other units it continues on to the customer without loss of speed. Error correction is an internal process, your reliability with the addressees remains beyond any doubt. You are spared consequential costs and your stock overviews are not falsified even in the event of an error.