From carrier to process partner

For a long time already the logistics industry has been a driver for the development of intelligent IT solutions. A long time pure tracking and tracing solutions were in the focus of innovative concepts and technologies. Today the industry is facing new challenges: The competitive pressure results in a marked differentiation between pure transport services and complex full-service process outsourcing.

As an interface in the flow of goods of online and bricks-and-mortar trade, today, logistics is deeply embedded in complex, time-sensitive process chains. Both bricks-and-mortar and online trade need low costs, a high flexibility, fast deliveries and minimised returns. It is the logistics company itself which is responsible for the procedures proceeding in the background.

Our solutions help them to make the step from a pure freight company to an outsourcing partner. syspro applications optimise warehouse, picking and shipping processes, control the inventories, save storage space, create visibility and ensure inventory accuracy. AutoID solutions such as RFID Tunnel significantly accelerate order picking and process closed packaging units with unprecedented precision. And the business intelligence available in the background ensures the integration of all goods movements in ordering, inventory and delivery processes.