Controlling the procurement chains, creating purchasing experiences

When the renowned »retail technology awards« were awarded in 2014, the German Adler Modemärkte AG textile retail chain received a special thank for their investment in one of the biggest European retail projects: The introduction of an RFID solution covering the whole goods process was honoured as »Best Enterprise Solution«. syspro was one of partners in this project: Once again our textile specialists had demonstrated how smart solutions from distribution up to the store bring new success.

Textiles are the byword for shopping experience. At the POS the product presentations are shining just as brightly as the eyes of the customers. Complex procurement chains, strict cost management and fierce competition proceed in the background. Only few trade segments are predestined to such a degree for store sales - nevertheless the pressure exercised by online vendors hunting for market shares without regard for any initial profitability is increasing.

Siloed solutions are no good path to follow in textile trade. Only the intelligent interconnection of goods distribution, store management and sales support will create an up-to-date shopping experience and simultaneously a profitable business operation.

It is just here that our solutions come into play. Our applications for the textile industry cover the whole Production > Distribution > Sale chain. We optimise the goods path from production via the central warehouse to the counter using AutoID-based applications. We ensure an optimised inventory management in central distribution, in the shop’s storeroom and on the sales floor. This allows us to lower area-related costs, to guarantee inventory accuracy and to exclude out-of-stock situations. At the POS this performance does not only result in an improved availability of goods - it also creates leeway for the staff and new impulses for staging the shopping experience. In this context the omni-channel-oriented interconnection of several platforms plays an important role. Thus the interconnection of store, web-shop and delivery system closes the last availability gaps and links goods presentation with bonus systems and live actions - more pleasure than comfort shopping. Using RFID and NFC applications we implement automatic interaction systems for customer dialogue, pave the way for an efficient cross-selling and accelerate the checkout process. Your staff - relieved from the pressure of time-consuming goods movement - is eventually able to focus on what makes the buyers happy: advice, inspiration, shopping experience.