Profound expertise, proven practice - syspro, the RFID specialist

IT solutions in the Production > Distribution > Sale chain of processes highly depend on the fast and accurate recording, tracking and tracing of resources, raw materials and goods though automated procedures. This is why AutoID technologies embedded in syspro solutions provide a key to achieving more efficiency, speed and profitability.

Currently RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the most important AutoID technology for many of our SME customersbut not the only one. In many applications RFID cooperates with barcode or NFC systems. None of these three technologies has been designed to replace one of the other; each of them has its own perspective.

At syspro we have been committed to employing RFID in small and medium-sized company processes for more than 10 years. As early as in 2006 we participated in launching an RFID initiative of BITMi, the German Federal IT Association for Small and Medium-Sized Companies. Since 2008 and together with our subsidiary company of RFID Konsortium GmbH we have been developing RFID applications which ensure a new quality of asset recording in our IT solutions. In the following years the specialists from RFID Konsortium GmbH have concentrated on adapting RFID equipment to real-world conditions, while our consultants and developers have given attention to integrating hardware with business intelligence. While other IT specialists suspended their development work, when the first RFID hype faded away, we have managed to gain a clear competitive edge in terms of competence.

Today RFID applications have become standard for many business scenarios: identification, information retrieval, asset tracking and tracing, and security solutions rely on this technology. With RFID Sprinter we even offer an out-of-the-box solution enabling our customers to flexibly employ RFID at little expense.