From mere price labelling to product information!

At the latest with the new EU Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC 2014) many small- and medium-sized companies face the challenge of revising their labelling processes. The fact, that the new EU regulation comes at a time of dramatic changes in the labelling system hardware market, raises additional problems and increases the investment risks even for new acquisitions.

syspro has addressed this market development early with proSystem PIE and implemented a completely new approach: The whole labelling process has been moved into a specific application and the labelling hardware turned into a mere label printer. This unusual concept has proven to be a perfect option for many customers: Existing hardware is made future-proof again and investments in new printing systems are no longer required. But the main advantage is that our customers can escape the currently unpredictable market behaviour of a product segment dominated by monopolies.

Moreover, proSystem PIE enables the companies to effectively combine several process steps, for example by performing labelling and picking and/or palletising in one single operation. Even multi-language labelling processes, including Cyrillic character sets, can be managed without any problem. As a matter of principle, the maintenance of the master data and the management of the label layouts are centralised.

proSystem PIE is a complete out-of-the-box solution consisting of software, industrial PC, industrial printer and weighing terminal with load cell which can be integrated simply and fast into existing labelling chains or even replace them.